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All Hallows Eve


 "All Hallows' Eve" is a chilling horror anthology film directed by Damien Leone that takes place on Halloween night. The movie presents a collection of interconnected stories, each delving into different aspects of horror.

Anthology Format:

The film follows the anthology format, which allows for a diverse range of stories and characters to be explored. Each story unfolds independently but is connected through a common thread, creating an intriguing narrative structure.

Atmospheric Setting:

"All Hallows' Eve" effectively captures the eerie atmosphere of Halloween night, immersing viewers in a world of darkness and supernatural occurrences.
The film employs moody lighting, haunting visuals, and a haunting soundtrack to create an atmosphere of foreboding and suspense.

Creepy and Memorable Characters:

The movie introduces a cast of creepy and memorable characters throughout its various stories.
From sinister clowns to malevolent spirits, each character brings their unique brand of horror to the screen, leaving a lasting impression.

Uneven Storytelling:

While the film showcases some compelling and well-executed stories, there are instances where the storytelling feels uneven. Certain segments may lack the same level of engagement or suffer from pacing issues, leading to a slightly inconsistent viewing experience.

Visual Effects and Practical Makeup:

"All Hallows' Eve" employs a combination of visual effects and practical makeup to bring its horrors to life. The practical makeup effects, in particular, are commendable, as they contribute to the authenticity and unsettling nature of the film's creatures and monsters.

Moments of Suspense and Shock:

Throughout the movie, there are skillfully crafted moments of suspense and shock that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The film utilizes a range of horror techniques, including well-timed jump scares, atmospheric tension, and unexpected twists, to elicit fear and anticipation.

Conclusion and Overall Impact:

"All Hallows' Eve" provides a satisfying horror anthology experience, offering a mix of atmospheric settings, memorable characters, and effective scares.
While not all stories reach the same level of quality, the film still manages to entertain and deliver a suitable Halloween-themed horror experience.


  •  Katie Maguire as Sarah
  • Mike Giannelli as Art the Clown
  • Catherine A. Callahan as Caroline
  • Marie Maser as Tia
  • Kayla Lian as Caitlyn
  • Sydney Freihofer as Casey
  • Cole Mathewson as Timmy
  • Mike C. Marino as James
  • Todd Ryan Jones as The Magician
  • Minna Taylor as Michelle
  • Victoria Mero as Joan
  • Catherine A. Callahan as Caroline
  • Marie Maser as Tia
  • Sydney Freihofer as Casey
  • Cole Mathewson as Timmy
  • Michael Chmiel as Mr. Peterson
  • David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown (segment: "Terrifier")

Rating: 3/5



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